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What is the difference between ‘Arbetsgivarintyg’ and ‘Anställningsbevis’?

What is the difference between ‘Arbetsgivarintyg’ and ‘Anställningsbevis’?
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  • Although the words are similar the certicificates fulfill different functions.

    An employer's certificate (arbetsgivarintyg) certifies how much you've actually worked and what you've earned. When we calculate your compensation, we need an employer's certificate and you have the right to have one from the employer. Would it be impossible to get a certificate, please contact us.
    Send a request for an Arbetsgivarintyg in Mina sidor.
    Download the form here

    An employment contract (anställningsbevis) certifies what kind of employment you have and how much you are going to work. Once you've got a job, you can either submit an employment contract or fill out the form Uppgifter om arbete in Mina sidor.

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