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Unemployment and Parental leave

I have a few question.

First, I'm currently pregnant. And me and my boyfriend currently live in different cities so we have decided to move together to start a new family. For this reason I will have to quite my job at the end of this year. I understand that this is not a valid reason for quitting my job. Then I will have the 45 days suspension. Can you confirm?

Secondly, once I get the a-kassa benefit, how this can or will affect the "föräldrapegnar" or vice versa.The due day for my baby to be born is May. So after I moved and I become unemployed I will go in to parental leave.

Finally, if I'm going to be in a "föräldraledigheten", is it needed for me to look for jobs?



  • Hej Maria!
    Thanks for your post. First, congrats to the pregnancy.

    • Yes, if one leaves ones job to join a partner, one gets 45 suspension days. And after that there is 2 mandatory days of ”karens”. This means that one doesn’t get any benefit for 10 whole weeks and one day if full time unemployed.
    • The a-kassa doesn’t effect the ”föräldrapenning” and one can get each benefit at the time. If you have specific questions you should talk to Försäkringskassan.
    • And last, when one is unemployed one has to look for job activly. When one is föräldraledig one only has to take care of the baby.

    Read more about parental leave and a-kassa at akademikernasakassa.se

    Good luck with the baby and your search for a new job.
    Vänliga hälsningar, Annika
    Annika S
    (Uppdaterad )
  • Hi Annika!
    Quick question on this topic, to ensure I understand it correctly: does this mean that if my wife finishes her contract in her job and starts A-kassa, but delivers a baby in the process of looking for another job, lets say after 50 days of unemployment, she would then "freeze" her remainder unemployment days, go on maternity leave and still have 250 days of unemployment benefits when she comes back?
    Just a hypothetical but I want to understand.

    Thanks and regards,

  • Hello Pablo!

    Correct! If you're wife will be unemployed after the parental leave she can resume her period of benefits.

    Kind regards, Anna
    Anna W
  • Hello,

    On the same topic, is it true also for whoever takes parental leave or only for the birth mother?

    Thank you,
    Tommaso B.
  • Hello Tommaso!

    Same rules apply to both mother and father.

    Kind regards, Anna
    Anna W
  • Hej,

    I have a hypothetical follow-up question.

    Let's say I finished my contract in my full time job and started getting A-kassa for unemployment. During that time when I was looking for job I gave birth, froze my remaining 80 days (ersättningsdagar) and started getting parental benefit from Försäkringskassan. When my parental benefit days are over, I can de-freeze my remaining 80 days on A-kassa. My questions are:

    -Will I be paid those 80 days in the same amount of money when I started freezing my A-kassa or will it go to a lower amount because time has passed?

    -Does it make a difference in the amount I will be paid after I de-freeze my A-kassa whether I took the maximum 240 days or 390 days of parental benefit from Försäkringskassan; will the longer periods make a difference in my A-kassa payment for the remaining 80 days?

    Thank you in advance,


  • Hello Jennifer and thanks for your questions!

    1) Yes, the unemployment benefits will be on the same level as before your parental leave.

    2) No, the unemployment benefits arent affected at all by the length of your parental leave as long as you have had benefits from Försäkringskassan.

    All the best

    Petter B
  • Hi Petter,

    Thanks for your quick reply.

    If I may, I have a few more questions.

    1- How do I "freeze" my remaining days once I go on parental leave with Försäkringskassan? Should I "anmäl frånvaro" or "skriva ut" myself on Arbetsförmedlingen?

    2- During my parental leave, do I continue weekly "rapportera tid" on A-kassa and choose "föräldrapenning" box?

    3- How do I de-freeze and activate my remaining days on A-kassa once I am not getting Föräldrapenning anymore? Do I register myself unemployed again on Arbetsförmedlingen from the first day that I am not on parental leave anymore?

    4- Is there anything else I should consider during this temporary switch between A-kassa and Försäkringskassan?

    Thank you in advance,

    Jennifer Henriksson
  • Hello Jennifer!

    1) You don't need to actively do anything to freeze your days. If you go back to unemployment after your parental leave you will automatically continue where you left off. You can absolutely "skriva ut" yourself from Abretsförmedlingen as you (at least for a-kassa) only need to be registered there for time you apply for unemployment benefits.

    2) No, you don't need to continue to fill in time reports during your parental leave.

    3) Yes, you apply for benefits the same way as usual and when we handle your case we will see that you will be able to continue on your previous period of benefits.

    4) Regarding if and how you should be registered at Arbetsförmedlingen during your time on parental leave it could be wise checking with Försäkringskassan if your parental leave- or sick leave benefits are affectyed by your status at Arbetsförmedlingen.

    All the best


    Petter B
  • Hi, First of all thanks for having a nice FAQ section. I just have a basic question about Number of days ? Are the benefit days are Calendar days or Weekdays ?
    1. If I am unemployed, after 2 Karen days , there are maximum 300 week days of Benefits ?
    2. I have few PArental leave days (low Niva) left as my child will be turning 4 soon, Can I utilize those Parental days for Saturday and Sundays ? Will it impact my benefit from A-Kassa?

  • Hello Amir and thanks for your questions!

    1. Yes, a period of a-kassa is 300 weekdays. As fully unemployed you will get 5 days a week which means that a period of benefits lasts for at least 60 weeks.

    2. Yes, If you take days on saturdays and sundays they won't affect your unemployment benefits.

    All the best
    Petter B
  • Hi,

    I have a follow up question, I see that first 200 days we get 1200 SEK/day. So monthly around 25,000 SEK per month. This income is taxable? Also if it is less than 80% of my previous salary, how can I get upto 80% of my previous salary?
  • Hello Raz!

    • You can get  SEK 1200 the first 100 days.
    • If you earn more than 33 000 you can add an extra income insurance through one of our unions.
    Kind regards, Anna
    Anna W
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