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Unemployed with a company - no salary because of corona

I have an AB company and work With that as managing director from last year.
But now due to the Corona virus effects I am losing my salary .I am your membership from 2012.
IN this case can I be unemployed and give compensation from you??


  • Hi Hamid!
    Thanks for your post. If you have had your own business as main source of income you can get unemployment benefit if unemployed. The basic rules are the same for employees and entrepreneurs. Read more about them here.

    In order for entrepreneurs to be regarded as unemployed, the activity in the business must be discontinued or paused.

    And what about the benefits? There are three ways to calculate unemployment benefit for entrepreneurs. We choose the alternative that is most advantageous for our member.
    Latest taxed income 
    The compensation is based on the most recent taxed income. You find it in the latest final tax decision.
    Average of several years of taxed income 
    The compensation is based on an average of the taxed income in the two years preceding the year of the last taxed income.
    Earnings from a previous employment
    If the business has been running for less than 24 months, the benefits will be based on previous employment, the so-called 24-month rule.

    More about how we calculate the benefits for entrepreneurs here (in Swedish)

    Hope our information is of use!
    Kind regards, Annika
    Annika S

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