How do I apply for benefits?

How do I apply?
Akademikernas a-kassa Kundtjänst


  • Apply for benefits in Mina sidor. If you've been employed we will need these forms:
    1. The form Ansökan om ersättning under E-tjänster. (Form in English here)
    2. Request an employer´s certificate (arbetsgivarintyg) in Mina sidor. They need to certify 12 months of work. (Download the form here)
    3. Are you self-employed? If you have had a company in addition to your employment, you must fill in Frågor för dig som är företagare.
    4. Have you had more than one employer? If you have a full-time job and an additional one, we will check if you can continue with the additional one and still get benefits. Submit an employer's certificate for your additional work.
    5. Worked abroad? Read more on our website You can also call our international department on 08-412 33 00 or email for more information.
    All English forms here
    Anna W
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