Study while unemployed

Can one study swedish language full time/partime or distance while receiving A- How about university studies either full time or part-time? Thanks for help


  • Hej Anna!
    Thanks for your post.
    Yes , there is an opportunity to study part time while one is unemployed with a-kassa . What subject one studies is not of importance.

    The conditions are
    • That the coarse is at the most 50 percent of full time studies
    • That one continues to apply for jobs
    • That one is willing to quit the studies if offered a job, and
    • That one doesn’t have any other benefit or finance.
    Remember to apply in advance. Apply here

    If one is granted to study with a-kassa one a to report full time unemployed in the time report.

    I hope my answer is of idé to you. Och lycka till med din svenska!

    Kind regards, Annika
    Annika S
  • Hej!
    How is the 50% pace of study is calculated? What happens if in the information about the course is not mentioned the exact percentage? Some online courses only state the estimated number of hours (online classes+personal study time) and the duration in weeks or months.Can one calculate the pace of study from those parameters?

  • Hej Patrica!
    Thanks for your question. I suggest that you ask the course provider (school), because for us to accept a half-time pace of study the coarse must be described as that when you apply. It cannot be more than 50 percent.

    If you send us some information about the coarse you are planning to take, we can help you. Remember that you also have to send us an application in Mina sidor.

    Does this make sense to you? I hope so, or please get back to me!

    Best regards, Annika

    Annika S
  • Hej Annika!

    Can that study be SFI intensive mode? (4h/day)

    Thank you!

    Kind regards,
  • Hej Catarina!
    Thanks for your post. What one studies is not a matter for us. We just assess the studypace.

    If the studypace is 50 percent the studies can be granted. If it is 4 hours a day intensive mode it doesn't sound to me as part time, but ask the school for a certificate that you can send tonua when you apply in good advance.

    Good luck!
    Vänliga hälsningar, Annika
    Annika S
  • Hi! May one take courses during weekends (4 hour a week)? Would that count? Do I still need to apply and have it approved?

    Thank you,

    Best wishes,
  • Hello Natalia!

    Thank you for your post.
    Have a nice day! Kind regards, Anna
    Anna W

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