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Should I apply for benefits before or after vacation?

After my temporary contract ends I plan to travel and visit family for 2-3 months. I will have around 1-2 weeks of unemployment in Sweden before going abroad. When should I apply for benefits? Should I register before I go away? (I know I will not be eligible for any unemployment benefits whilst I am away). My residence permit will still be valid as it is not directly tied to my job, but are there any issues for immigrants without permanent residency claiming akassa after leaving the country for some months? I will start applying for jobs in Sweden around 6 weeks before I return.
Emma R


  • Hello Emma and thanks for your question!

    The bestthing for you to do is to apply for benefits directly after your employment ends for the two weeks before you take a vacation.Yhat way you will secure the best possible terms for your unemplyment benefits (as they're calculated on your averege working hours and salary during the 12 months before you apply for benefits).

    Then you pause the benefits while you're abroad and continue where you left off when you come back to Sweden.

    To be able to do this you are obliged to search for jobs during the two weeks before you go abroad.

    All the best
    Petter B

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