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Resigning after a short-term position (with a 'permanent' contract)

I am just about to finish a fixed term contract with a company but there is more work to do on the project for about 6 more months. They can only keep me employed if I take on a permanent contract, but actually there is only 6 months more of work and of funding left, so I will have to resign after 6 months. Will I not be eligible for employment insurance straight away in that case (if I don't find a new job)? Is there any way around this?
Anna R


  • Hello Anna!

    Yes, if you yourself resign from a permanent contract after six months of work, you will be suspended from a-kassa for 9 weeks of unemployment.

    To not be suspended you need to have your employment cancelled and ended by your employer. If they have no more work to offer you after six months, they should theoretically have no problem letting you go citing arbetsbrist.

    All the best
    Petter B
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