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Part-time job while receiving benefits + working abroad


I read that I can still receive benefits even if I take a part-time job. That's awesome, but I have a couple of questions regarding part-time work:

1) While working part-time, do I still have to look for full-time jobs and report it to a-kassa in order to get compensation?
2) What if I work part-time in another country (with a non-Swedish company)? Would I still be entitled to unemployment insurance even in this case?



  • Hello Gianluca and thanks for your questions!

    1) Yes, to be able to receive unemployment benefits you always need to look for full-time jobs. it's the same if your fully unemployed or have a part time job and filling up with unemployment benefits.
    2) No, to be able to receive unemployment benefits from Sweden you need to be based in Sweden. However, under certain circustances there are possibilities to transfer a swedish period of unemployment benefits to another country inside the european union. The main rule is that you should have your unemployment insurance in the country where you are stationed.


    Kind regards
    Petter B

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