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My PhD was financed with a scholarship, can I apply for the benefit?

My PhD was financed with a scholarship, can I apply for the benefit?

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  • Hello!

    If your PhD position was funded by a scholarship, your PhD programme does not qualify you for unemployment benefit.

    Did you work before your PhD-position?
    • If you have studied full-time, the PhD studies can be disregarded.  
    • If you have had an employment before starting your PhD studies, we may be able to base your unemployment benefit on that work.
    How your PhD has been financed is not important when it comes to whether or not you are considered unemployed. The important thing is that you have ended your studies.

    More about Phd-studies

    Kind regards, Anna

    Anna W
    (Uppdaterad )
  • Hi Anna, thank you for reply. I am answering your questions below.
    1. Does the fellowship give you a "normal" salary? Or is it still a scholarship?
    I don't know what you mean by "normal salary", but I am discounting taxes and other social security fees from my salary, so I think the answer is yes.
    2. Have you got a general work permit or are you only allowed to work at Lund University?
    I have a resident permit when I come to Sweden (which includes work permit), I have my own person number and now I am applying to extent my resident permit.
    I hope they answer your questions, any case you can write me again and stay in touch with here.
    Thank you very much for your help.


  • Hello Luis!
    If you have a "normal salary" paying income tax and all other social security fees, then indeed your employment is eligeble for uneployment benefits. To be sure, please ask the ones handling your salary if you have a temporary employment.

    A work permit is crucial for being able to receive benefits. If your resident permit (including a work permit) is extended then this wont be a problem either.

    Stay in touch if you have any further questions.

    All the best, Petter
    Petter B

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