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How much can I get from the a-kassa?


Can I ask you which group I belong to if Im member for 12 months?
A more than 12 months or
B Less then 12 months....?

In terms of benefit I would be eligible for.

Thank you!


  • Hello Martina!

    Thank you for your post.

    Member for 12 months or more
    If you have been a member for at least 12 months, you have the right to income-related benefits if you meet the working conditions during the membership period. At the most you can get SEK 1,200 a day before tax. You receive SEK 1,200if you had an average monthly salary of at least SEK 33,000 twelve months before the unemployment.

    Member for less than 12 months
    Even those who have been members for shorter time than 12 months may receive benefits. Your compensation will be based on how much you have worked. The maximum level of benefits is SEK 510 a day before tax.

    This is how we calculate
    Both your working hours and your salary are important when we calculate your level of compensation. Your average working time is important for how many days of payment per week you can get if you combine work and benefits.

    The benefits is always an average of the income for the 12 most recent months. We always divide your income by 12. If you for example have worked for eight months we divide the total income by twelve. That is why it is important that you send us certificates from your employer for all the time you have worked, not just the time to meet the conditions.

    Apply for benefit in Mina sidor

    Kind regards, Anna
    Anna W
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