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How much was I supposed to get?

I was supposed to get the maximum 910 sek/day according to the conditions in your website "Din dagpenning är 80 procent av lönen eller max 910 kronor". But what I was actually getting was 760 sek/day. Why is this?


  • Hello!

    First: in order go get 910 kr per dag (before tax) one must have 25 025 kr or more as average salary the last 12 months before the unumployment period starts. After 100 days with benefit the highest amount per day is 760 kr. If one has had benefit from Försäkringskassan (aktivitetsstöd).

    Second: to get information about your exact benefit you should call us, and we will explain. Call 08-4123300.

    Best regards, Annika
    Annika S

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