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My job finishes at the end of the year. I have several ideas for a startup but I will not be able to study them in depth until I stop working (I have a family too). This is to say that after my job ends, I estimate I will need at least several months to study my startup ideas and pursue one of them. During these months I will not have any income obviously. Can I qualify for unemployment benefit? Is there any other help I can apply for? Thanks.


  • Hello Nil!
    Sounds exciting that you have many ideas. But I have to give you a discouraging
    and short answer. One is never allowed to start a business while recieving unemployment benefit.

    You should ask Arbetsförmedlingen about their opportunities to give you support in this situation.

    You can read more here about the conditions for unemployment benefit.

    You can read more here about unemployment benefit and starting your own business.

    Good luck with everything!
    Best regards, Annika

    Annika S
  • Dear Annika, 

    Thank you for your answer. I have been one of the board members of a sports club in Stockholm. The organization is entirely non-profit and there is no salary involved. I recently became unemployed. I am wondering whether I am eligible for unemployment benefits.

  • Hello Vipin!

    Normally this type of situation is unproblematic in regards to unemployment benefits, especially if you have no salary. If you are unemployed my best advice is for you to send us an application.

    All the best
    Petter B

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