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Can I go on a swedish course to increase my chances to get a job and keep my A-kassa?


I’m on A-kassa about a half year in now, I want to increase my chances to get a job and I have thoughts of participating to SFINX (Swedish for engineers) because proficiency in Swedish could really help me to get a job in my field faster. The course is daily full time but I still want to seek jobs in the meantime and would of course cancel my studies if I get a job during this course because a job is my goal, my question is if I can keep my A-kassa in the meantime when I’m studying?


  • Hej Dave!
    Thanks for your post.
    Yes, there is a possibility to study while on a-kassa.
    • If the studypace is full time one can study for 15 days.
    • If the studypace is 50 percent or less one can study 20 weeks.
    You can either attend the SFINX-course full time for 15 days (3 weeks) and then quit. Or you can check if there is a SFINX-course with 50 percent studypace.

    Remember to apply for the studies in Mina sidor.

    I hope my answer was useful and that you find a course that suits you.

    Trevlig helg!
    Vänliga hälsningar, Annika
    Annika S

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