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Can I apply for unemployment benefit while waiting for a decision on my permanent residence app.?

I'm finishing my PhD soon and, a bit before my defense, my residence permit will expire. I have been living in Sweden for more than 4 years and would like to apply for a permanent residence permit. I can take more than six months to get a decision from Migrationsverket and I plan to find a job in the meantime. While I'm looking for a job and waiting for a decision about my permanent residence application, can I receive unemployment benefit?


  • Hello Fabiola!

    To be able to work in Sweden you need a work permit. As long as you have a work permit (that is the right to take jobs in Sweden) you can also register at arbetsförmedlingen and apply for unemployment benefits.

    If you have a work permit or not after your residence permit expires is a question you need to ask Migrationsverket or Arbetsförmedlingen.

    All the best
    Petter B

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