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Can I apply for a-kassa when start working?

Iam looking for a job and registered in arbetsförmedlingen . Am i still eligible to applying for a kassa from today?
If i find work and for example it will be started from october , when I can apply for a kassa? Now or from oct. ?


  • Hello Bana!

    Thanks for your question.
    • One can apply for a-kassa when unemployed and registered with arbetsförmedlingen.
    • The condition for basic benefit is, apart from being unemployed, that one fulfils the work requirement.for income related benefit one also has to fulfil the membership condition.
    This means that you don't have to have a job in order to get benefit, but you need to have had a job.

    Read more about the conditions here.

    I hope that my answer is of help to you.
    Kind regards, Annika
    Annika S
    (Uppdaterad )
  • Hi,

    Is it mandatory to be registered in arbetsförmedlingen to apply for A-kassa? So what is the process? First I have to register myself in arbetsförmedlingen and then register for A-kassa? Is it?

  • Hello Supriti!

    Yes, first you register yourself as unemplyed at Arbetsförmedlingen and then you apply for benefits from a-kassa.

    All the best, Petter
    Petter B
  • Hi, can I apply for a-kassa if I am a postdoc in Sweden on stipend? Thanks!
  • Hej Shay!

    Thank you for your post.
    • To be able to join you need to have worked and paid taxes in Sweden or the EU / EEA. 
    • Call us and we can tell you more: 08-412 33 00
    Kind regards, Anna
    Anna W
  • Hi 
    I am looking for a job and registered in the employment agency. I came to Sweden in April 2023, before that I was working in India full time for 8 years, I have not worked in Sweden yet, 
    Am I still eligible for A-kassa?
  • Hello Vishakha!

    Thank you for you post!
    • You can apply for membership when you start working.
    • To be eligable for benefits you need to have worked in Sweden. Work in India doesn't count (if you didn't have a Swedish employer and got your salary from Sweden). 
    Please give us a call at 08-412 33 00 if you have any further questions.

    Kind regards, Anna
    Anna W

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