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What happens after this 300 days period is over and one is still unemployed?

Can you please explain how you determine if a person is qualified to receive additional benefits after the initial 300 days are done?  What happens after this period is over and one is still unemployed?


  • Hello Barbara and thanks for your question!

    • Once the initial period of 300 days are done, the first thing that happens is that we check if you have a child that's not yet 18 years old. If that's the case your period of benefits will be extended with an additional 150 days. If you don't have a child under 18 years of age your period is over.
    • If your period is over we will also check if you since the start date of your last period of benefits fulfill a new arbetsvillkor. If you do, you will receive a new period of 300 days. The requirements for a new period are six months of work during a twelve month period with at least 60 hours of work per month.
    • If you don't fullfill these requirements you don't have the right to further unemplyment benefits from your a-kassa. In that case you should speak to Arbetsförmedlingen. They will offer you to participate in Jobb- och utvecklingsgarantin where you will receive benefits from Försäkringskassan. As long as you're still a member of a-kassan these benefits (aktivitetsstöd) will be based on the same conditions as your last period of unemplyment benefits.

    Kind regards
    Petter B
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