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How do I forward my arbetsgivarintyg to you?


I am getting my arbetsgivarintyg in paper by mail, how should I forward it to a-kassa? by post? I wanted to upload into mina side, but it says that we should not upload arbetsgivarintyg there.


  • Hello Karen,
    • Log in to Mina sidor with BankID
    • Go to the page E-tjänster
    • Choose Ladda upp dokument. You can take a picture with your smart phone and upload the arbetsgivarintyg.
    Kind regards, Anna
    Akademikernas a-kassa Kundtjänst
  • Can this just be a word document signed by the employer?
    Frederik R
  • Hej Frederik!
    Thanks for your post. Through Mina sidor  you can ask your employer for an arbetsgivarintyg. When one does that one can be certain that the document will hold all necessary facts.

    If you have another document with all the same information we can except that, but in most cases we need to ask for an arbetsgivarintyg.

    In Mina sidor you can upload documents, for example photos of documents.

    I hope my answer was of use to you.
    Kind regards, Annika
    Annika S
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