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What happens if one quit ones job?

I would like to check if I would be eligible for benefits from a-kassa if I quit my job? I've been working at the reception in the hostel for more than a year now and now I would like to find more qualified job/ internship within digital marketing. I've been doing now also internship along with my job but they cannot offer me a paid job after the internship period. Would be helpful if I have some security of financial benefit in case I need it. Thank you!


  • Hello Maria!
    If you quit your job, your right to unemployment benefit may be suspended for 45 benefit days. This is if you have choosen to resign without an acceptable reason. That you want a more qualified job does not count as an acceptable reason. After 45 days, 9 weeks, and 6 mandatory qualifiation days you can get benefit on the same terms as everyone else.  
    The 45 suspension days will be deducted on days you would have been entitled to benefits and/or days when you have worked, if you have a new job. If you are on sick/parental leave, vacation or unable to apply for work, the suspension period will be postponed. However, when 112 days, 16 whole weeks, have passed since you left your job, the suspension period is over regardless the 45 suspension days. 

    Kind regards!
    Annika S
  • Hi,
    In case I have been working in a startup for 7 years. I feel exhausted and demotivated due to the high work load that I have had.
    I want to have some time off to very in a better state of mind before I start a new job.
    Is this a valid reason?
  • Hello ECE!

    Thank you for your post.
    • No, to feel exhausted and demotivated are not valid reasons - unless you are ill and the doctor recommends you to hand in your notice.
    • After 45 susension days you could be eligible to benefits if you the past year worked at least 6 months, at least 80 hours a week. It sound like you have. To be able to get benefits based on your income you also need to have been a member of an a-kassa for 12 months.
    Kind regards, Anna
    Anna W

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