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What are the conditions for unemployment benefits?

What are the conditions for a-kassa?
Akademikernas a-kassa Kundtjänst Rapportera olämpligt innehåll


  • Hello!

    You have to meet three basic conditions to eligable for unemployment benefits.
    1. The membership condition - been a member of an a-kassa for 12 months.
    2. The working requirement - during a period of 12 months worked for at least 6 months, at least 80 hours per calendar month. We usually look at the last year. The time may be extended, for example, to parental leave, completed full-time studies or sickness benefit.
    3. Registered at arbetsförmedlingen - you have to look for and take work in Sweden.
    If you have not been a member in an a-kassa for 12 months, you can still receive compensation based on your working hours. The basic benefit is maximun SEK 365 per day.

    Kind regards, Anna
    Anna W
  • Hi,
    I am working since September 2018, Now I want to become a member. Its full-time job 40 hours per week. However, my second year of job started in September 2019. So, if I finish in august 2020 will I be able to get benefits of 12 months membership? Because I am working full time and salary is 27400SEK before tax. Or can I pay for one month extra to fulfill requirements or I will get compensation on the base of my working hours and salary?

    Thank you
  • Hej Rimsha!
    Thanks for your question. You have to be a paying member for at the least 12 months to fulfil the condition for incomebased benefit. If you apply for memebership now october will be your first month of membership - you cannot pay extra for more monthts,

    Read more about the conditions here. 

    Apply for membership here.

    Kind regards, Annika

    Annika S
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